Dental Implants


What is an Implant?

Diagnosing Bone Loss

The Advantages of Cone Beam X-rays

Why a Single Implant?

Single Implant Procedure

Why Implants for Partially Edentulous Patients?

Why Implants for Fully Edentulous Patients?

Why dental implants are a great solution for you:

  • Preserve facial features
  • Help keep you looking younger
  • Improved nutrition and quality of life
  • Life-long solution when properly maintained
  • Saves healthy teeth

Missing or damaged teeth affect our quality of life, including:

  • Emotional well-being and self-confidence
  • The desire to smile and laugh
  • Self-confidence to interact with others
  • Nutrition
  • Teeth may shift, affecting how the upper and lower teeth fit together when biting or chewing, and causing possible muscle and joint problems
  • When missing multiple teeth, the jawbone may shrink causing facial features to change

We can help

Dental implants are used for various treatment options, such as single tooth replacement, fixed partial denture (otherwise known as a bridge), and anchors for dentures — especially lower dentures that tend to shift when you talk or chew and for removable partial dentures.

When you complete a clinical examination with diagnostic records, including a 3-D scan of the jaw, we can evaluate whether you are suitable for treatment and offer a personalized treatment plan.

In addition, we use modern technology that enables safe and predictable outcomes for implant surgery. Pain and swelling are minimized, which allows for a speedy recovery process leading up to a beautifully restored, natural-looking smile.

Please contact us with your questions, we want to help!